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People that want to let Sjeng play on a chess server, please read these notes.

Source tarball (Unix systems)

Sjeng-Free-11.2.tar.gz (170K)

Windows packages

Version 11.2, executable, source and documentation: (300K)

Prebuilt opening books for: CrazyhouseNormal chess (version 12.0 and older)

PGN files with crazyhouse games: 2200+ ELOAll levelsAlternate bigAlternate small


Easy-to-use interfaces with Windows installer (Sjeng included):

Suicide/Giveaway Challenger 0.3   Crazyhouse Challenger 0.20

WinBoard (difficult setup, more powerfull): Tim Mann's Chess Pages
Arena (alternate interface): Arena Homepage
SCID (Chessdatabase): SCID Homepage